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Sign up to run the CDF 10K for Kidney Wales this World Kidney Day

Chronic kidney disease is one of the leading causes of death in the world and affects more than 10% of the population in the UK.

In fact, figures show that there are over 93,722 people diagnosed with chronic kidney disease in Wales alone.

Although there are multiple treatments for chronic kidney disease, like a transplant and dialysis, it’s a lifelong condition and there is no cure.

That is why this World Kidney Day (14 March) event organisers Run 4 Wales are raising awareness of the support available to families and research happening in Wales.

Kidney Wales is the leading kidney charity in Wales and is also lead charity partner of the CDF 10K, which takes place in the heart of the Welsh capital on Sunday 1 September.

The charity, which doesn’t receive any government funding and relies solely on generous donations, is dedicated to making a tangible difference to the lives of kidney patients in Wales every day. It offers essential guidance and support, funds critical research and provides financial assistance to help alleviate the burdens faced by those with kidney problems, so they can lead their best lives.

Money raised can make a huge difference. Last year, 163 runners joined Team Kidney Wales at the CDF 10K raising an incredible £30,000. To put that into context, for every £10,000 raised, £100 wellbeing food vouchers can be given to 100 kidney patients and £15,000 will help to provide emergency financial support for around 50 patients, helping with things like rent, utility bills and household repairs.

Ross Evans, Managing Director at Kidney Wales, said: “After a successful return in 2023, we are excited to be working with Run 4 Wales again for the CDF 10K 2024. This event has enabled us to support thousands of kidney patients through their lifelong kidney journey and acts as a platform to raise awareness about kidney disease and kidney health. We’d love for as many runners as possible to join Team Kidney Wales once again to help us make a real difference to the lives of kidney patients.”

Matt Newman, Chief Executive at Run 4 Wales, added: “Chronic kidney disease affects so many people, so the work that Kidney Wales carries out is vital. We’d encourage anyone who wants to try and help make a difference to the lives of kidney patients to sign up to the CDF 10K as part of Team Kidney Wales. Not only will you be helping to raise funds and awareness for the charity, but in training for the event and staying active you’ll also be helping to reduce one of the risk factors of developing the condition too.”

Runners can enter the CDF 10K for just £1 when pledging to raise £125 as part of Team Kidney Wales. All will receive support from the team to help reach their fundraising target as well as a Kidney Wales running top after they’ve raised £75.