Get Race Ready


Collection Race Packs

If you have lost your race pack, it has not arrived, or you have included the wrong address on your entry, you will need to collect a replacement race bib on event weekend to wear during the race.

If you secure a ‘late entry’ (in either the 10K or junior races, after our publicised postage cut-off) you will need to collect your pack from the Event Village on the morning of the race

If the correct address details are on your registration, please wait until the Friday of event week to contact us about a missing race pack. We are unable to issue/allocate replacements until this date.

We will ask you to come and collect a replacement pack from us.

Before doing so, you will need to take the following steps:

1. CHECK YOU ARE REGISTERED FOR THIS EVENT AND THAT THE CORRECT ADDRESS IS ON YOUR ENTRY. You can check by logging into MyEvents by clicking here.

2. WHAT WAS YOUR ORIGINAL RACE NUMBER? Search yourself on the R4W App under the 2023 CDF 10K event (bib numbers will become available on the app within 24 hours of the race) or on MyEvents on ACTIVE. You will need this in order to collect a replacement.

Click here to view or download the app (there is a web-based version available if you do not have a smartphone) or here to login to MyEvents.

3. FAMILIARISE YOURSELF WITH IMPORTANT EVENT INFORMATION. You can view all of the information you missed if your posted race pack did not arrive by viewing our race day info page here.

Your replacement pack can be collected from the Event Information desk in the Event Village on Sunday 3 September (from 07:30am). We are based on City Hall Lawns.

Please check your original race number, and that you are already registered using the instructions above before coming to collect a replacement pack. We may not be able to issue you with a replacement if you haven’t taken these steps. Having your original race number to hand will also help reduce queuing time, and ensure you make the start of the race.