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Top Tips For Staying Hydrated Over The Winter Months

With the colder months upon us, and the hot weather feeling like a distant memory, it can be easy to forget about hydration. Surely with the colder temperatures, we don’t need to worry as much? Not so.

With 89% of adults regularly dehydrated in the UK, it’s never a bad idea to reach out for that extra glass (or bottle) of water – especially during the winter months where our body reacts to the lower temperatures.

As cold air contains less moisture than warm air, our lungs are already working harder to add moisture to the air that we breathe in. On top of this, other reactions to the colder weather include needing the loo more often (no, it’s not just you!) and the brain not detecting dehydration and activating the thirst response. So here are our top 3 tips on how to combat winter dehydration:


1) Wear the right clothes

During the summer months, the hot temperatures help dry clothes dampened by perspiration. In winter, sweat and wet clothes lower your body temperature – causing more work for your heart. The solution: wear layers and clothes that wick away sweat to help maintain a stable body temperature.


2) Warm drinks

Warm drinks (and soups) can heat up the internal organs, putting less stress on the body and making the run more comfortable. Plus, certain soups and broths containing salt are perfect for replenishing electrolytes.


3) Drink up!

Don’t forget your water bottle, and to keep drinking your H20 – the recommended water intake is .5 litres of water for men and 2.0 litres of water for women per day (via food and drink consumption).

Plus for runs over 45 minutes, we also recommend a sports drink to maintain your electrolytes.