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Top Tips For Running In The Colder Weather


With temperatures dropping, it’s important to adapt to the cooler conditions. Here our top tips to take into consideration next time you go on your run:

1) Layer up!

We recommend wearing 2-3 layers – perfect for keeping warm and trapping layers of air, but also easy to remove once you’ve warmed up. Make sure you have:

A base layer (top and bottom) – made from suitable fabrics such as polypropylene or capilene which wick away water.

A mid layer – such as a fleece to keep you warm.

An outer layer – a protective shell that protects you from the wind and rain.

Plus don’t forget hats and gloves (and thermals if the temperature drops below zero).

2) Under dress by a few degrees

Whilst important to dress appropriately for the weather, there is one general rule to remember: dress  as though it’s 10 ̊C hotter than the current temperature – this will help calculate your running temperature.

It’s easy to add too many heavy layers at the start of the run whilst we’re feeling cold, but it can leave us feeling sweaty and uncomfortable later on in the run.

3) Wear shoes with traction

Short and simple – with cold weather comes ice and frost, tread/run carefully!

 4) Warm up and stretch indoors

With the cold weather, our muscles and joints can tighten – so it’s even more important to warm them up. Where possible, try to warm up and stretch indoors. If you’re not able to do this, simply start your run with a 10 minute walk.

5) Stay Aerobic

Lower temperatures increases our heart rate. Prevent extra stress on your body by staying within the aerobic zone: 130 -150 bpm

6) Once you’ve finished your run, get to somewhere warm

Avoid the chill, and get out of the cold as quickly as possible once you’ve finished. Try to minimise the distance you have to travel from the end of your run to a warm place. Once you get back home, we definitely recommend a hot shower to help!