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How Running Helps To Relieve Stress

National Stress Awareness Day

6th November 2019


Today marks National Stress Awareness Day, and we know the perfect cure to help relieve the symptoms of stress –  yes, you guessed it, running!

We all know the impacts that stress can have on our physical and mental well being, starting from tense muscles, increased heart rate, to daily headaches. Running not only helps relieve these symptoms, but recent research has found that running has the same impact on the brain as meditation, and can also be considered an act of mindfulness. The psychological effects of accomplishing a run can boost moods and, combined with a release of endorphins, give that ‘runner’s high’.

Not only that, the support from your fellow runners and the running community can also help us deal with any mental tension. People who are active runners on average experience less stress.

So the next time you’re feeling stressed, take some time out to don your running shoes and go out and beat some stress!