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Run and Become race partners for 2014

Cardiff 10K is delighted to have the support of leading running specialists Run and Become, with over 30 years experience they offer fantastic advice and support to runners of all abilities.

Their new store at 100 St Mary Street Cardiff is open Monday to Saturday 9.30 – 6pm and 7pm Thursday.

Whether you are a beginner or an elite athlete, at Run and Become we’ll take time to offer you the best personal service. To make sure you find the gear that’s just right for you, we like to hear about your running: your goals and aims, the mileage you cover and the surface you run on, any shoes you have been using, and any injuries or niggles you might have.

To fit you with the perfect pair of running shoes, first of all we’ll assess your running style and analyse your gait. We use a system called Natural Gait Analysis. It provides feedback – not just on your foot strike but also on the way your whole body moves and reacts as you run. This helps to identify why your feet land as they do, enabling us to determine the best type of support for your feet. This will help you to run as efficiently as possible, avoiding the kind of strain that could lead to injury.

Once we’ve observed your gait you can test a selection of shoes that provide appropriate support and cushioning for your individual running style. While trying out different models, we will continue to check the effectiveness of each shoe. Some shoes will fit you better than others, that’s why we never favour any particular brand. Although we stock all of the major brands, at Run and Become we believe it should be you (and your feet) who decide what feels comfortable.

With over 220 different models of shoe, a complete range of clothing and endless accessories you might think it takes forever to find the right kit for you. But combining our product knowledge with our running expertise, we can get there pretty quickly.

Whether you’re a beginner runner, adventure racer, or high jumper, we’ve got a great selection of gear for every discipline. If we believe in a product, we stock it. So you’ll find major brands mixed in with small specialist companies which you may never have heard of before. Choice can be overwhelming, so our friendly and knowledgeable staff are here to guide you.

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