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Cardiff 10K Blog – 10 reasons why running 10K is a great thing to do!

Running 10k is a damn good thing to do, here are 10 reasons why:

1. Only 1 in 4 people can do it. According to the latest research around 27% of UK adults are getting the required level of exercise every week so if your can run 10K, you officially rock! ??

2. 10K is a long way. A professional rugby player runs between 6-7K on average during an 80 minute game – so don’t play it down and when you’re done give yourself a fist bump. ??

3. You’re probably running for around an hour! The average time for a 10K is around an hour. This depends on your fitness and experience but any form of continuous movement which gets you sweating for an hour is heroic. Whether you’re running for social, fitness, fun, weight loss or a healthy mind, it’s all good. ?

4. Healthy heart. A run of an hour or more can help to strengthen the heart. A stronger heart means more blood can be pumped around your body especially to the working muscles. This means more blood going to your leg muscles so your heart will need to work less hard to keep you going. ❤️

5. It’s arguably the toughest distance to pace. Because it’s seen as a short distance when compared to a half marathon or marathon, runners often start too quickly and fade towards the finish. It’s a tough distance to master and getting your pace wrong is easily done. Test yourself by running a few 10K events. ?

6. 10K is a very good test of pace and endurance. Once you have your pace sorted you know exactly how to push yourself, and unlike a 5K, a 10K also allows you to demonstrate endurance. ??

7. 10K eats calories. The average runner burns 100 calories per mile (depending on height and weight) so chances are you’ll burn over 600 calories, that’s 2 iced doughnuts! ??

8. Release that happiness! 10K is the perfect distance to get the endorphins going. It takes the average person 30 minutes of exercise before the body is flooded with endorphins so you’re guaranteed to get the happy vibe on. ?

9. Stay healthier. Running 10k at least twice a week can boost your immune system and help keep you free of bugs, unlike running a half marathon or marathon distance when you need to watch what you eat and be careful not to put too much strain on your body. ?

10. 10K is motivational. Running 10K makes you feel good about yourself. If you’re new to running, the move from 5K to 10K is a natural step up and can be worked towards pretty quickly and reasonable to maintain for the more seasoned runners. ☝️
Celebrate running 10k, like, share and comment! ?✔️